Claire Lace Leaf Onesie and Baby Bonnet

Leaf lace baby onesie and bonnet

Claire Lace Onesie and Bonnet

This little number came about after seeing a similar romper. I really liked the way the top edge became a sweetheart type of neckline. But I wanted to add an element to make it even more special.

The leaf motif in knitting has been around for ages and has been used in a million different ways. I think what makes it so popular is that it’s fairly easy to create in knitting, but it makes a definite statement. It’s a unique embellishment that lends a simple beauty taken from nature to the finished baby romper.

I decided to use only one leaf in this lace baby onesie, because I wanted it to remain simple, yet elegant. I also decided to design the baby bonnet with the lace leaf a little to the side. It kind of reminds me of the lovely hats that used to be worn off to the side a bit. Very stylish!

The Mint color shown above is my favorite for this baby lace onesie, maybe because it is green like a leaf, but it can be made in many different colors. Below, I show it in Sky Blue, and I’ve done it in a cheery Sunshine Yellow, too.

Lace Baby Romper and Bonnet

Claire Lace Onesie and Bonnet in Sky Blue

If you’d like to purchase this Claire Lace Onesie and Bonnet you can visit my Knitting Knicely Etsy Shop.

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About Donielle Mohs

Donielle Schipper is the owner of KnittingKnicely. She enjoys homeschooling her six children. Her passions are teaching others about healthy lifestyle options, knitting, crocheting, and playing flute.
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