Michelle Smocked Knit Romper



Smocked Knit Romper Mint Green


Smocked Knit Romper Back Detail

I’ve always loved the look of smocked baby clothes, but it’s not often that I see one that is knit. So I decided to make one myself!

Finished with a lovely scoop neck and slightly puffed sleeves, and a cute little button closure in the back.

I named this shortie romper after my sweet cousin, Michelle, because it reminds me of the days when we were little and would play and laugh together for hours. Such wonderful memories!


Smocked Knit Romper Rose


If you’d like to purchase this Smocked Knit Romper you can visit my Knitting Knicely Etsy Shop.

If you’d like to make one of your own you can purchase the Smocked Knit Romper on Ravelry.

Stay updated on new items and news at Knitting Knicely on Facebook.


About Donielle Mohs

Donielle Schipper is the owner of KnittingKnicely. She enjoys homeschooling her six children. Her passions are teaching others about healthy lifestyle options, knitting, crocheting, and playing flute.
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