Inspired by my New Niece, Ivy

Baby bonnet
Yippee Skippee! I’m feeling super happy today! Yesterday afternoon my dear sister had her fourth child, an adorable baby girl. She gave her the beautiful name Ivy Noelle. Her cuteness inspired me to make something for Knitting Knicely.

I wanted it to be something special. Not just a plain knit onesie. And it needed to be extra girly, but also extra delicate, because Ivy is a little doll. So sweet with those chubby little rosy cheeks!

So I looked through my yarn stash and found this super fluffy pink yarn. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super cute. But it’s a little too much fluffy for a whole onesie. So I decided to use some soft medium weight yarn as a contrast to the bulky fluffiness of the pink yarn. I needed it to be classic, and cream was the color of choice.

So I used the cream as the halter top and then the pink fluffiness as the diaper cover. I loved how this was coming along. But now it needed that little girly something to make it special. Last week I had picked up the cutest ribbon from my local craft store. It looks like a row of delicate roses. Perfect for the trim on this special onesie!

Baby Onesie

Now that I had finished the baby onesie with the cute rose trim, I wanted another piece to go alon with it. Should I make shoes? Maybe a little blanket? Or maybe a cite rose tie back? I decided on making a matching bonnet.

It needed to pull all the elements from the onesie together so that it would “belong” to the baby onesie. So I used the classic cream yarn as the main yarn and then added just a bit of the pink fluffy yarn as a chain to the edge.  Then the adorable little roses went on to complete the look.

Baby Onesie and Bonnet

I absolutely loved creating this special baby onesie and bonnet set in honor of my new niece. If you’d like to make one using your favorite colors or yarns, you can find the pattern here: Ivy Onesie and Bonnet Pattern

Or if you’d rather purchase one of these cute sets for a sweet little one in your life, click here:

I’m happy to change up the colors for you, if you have a favorite other than pink!

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About Donielle Mohs

Donielle Schipper is the owner of KnittingKnicely. She enjoys homeschooling her six children. Her passions are teaching others about healthy lifestyle options, knitting, crocheting, and playing flute.
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