Adventures in Dog Hair Spinning – Part 3

So now that all the dog hair was dry (finally), I was able to get right down to the fun part… spinning! Now you have to keep in mind that the only other spinning that I’ve ever done is with Corriedale Wool. This type of yarn spinning is much easier than dog hair spinning because the staple (the length of each individual hair) of the wool is much longer than the staple of the dog hair. The wool was around 3-4 inches, whereas the dog hair was around 1-1.5 inches!

So, knowing that spinning fiber that has a very short staple can be tricky, I decided that I needed to prepare the fluffy stuff a little more before attempting to spin it right from the mass of fluff. That would make it a little easier for me to handle.

At first I tried just grabbing a handful of the dog fluff and trying to spin it from that. But that didn’t seem to work very well. I was getting a very thick yarn and I wanted it to be a little thinner because I wanted to be able to get enough yarn to knit at least a pair of socks. So then I tried looking online to find a better way to prepare the yarn. Lots of YouTubes and Blogsites later, I decided on a game plan.

The sites that I had listened to or read had said that it is best to comb short fibers and make a rolag out of them before spinning. Some of them mentioned making what is called a puni, which is as best as I can figure just a miniature rolag. Well the problem was I didn’t own and fiber combs! So I improvised and used my husbands old worn out hairbrush and one of our dogs grooming combs. It didn’t work as well as a comb specifically designed for the job, but it worked reasonably well and I was able to get some nice little punis rolled up.

I filled a large bowl with a bunch of the dog hair punis and grabbed my spindle and I was ready to go!


About Donielle Mohs

Donielle Schipper is the owner of KnittingKnicely. She enjoys homeschooling her six children. Her passions are teaching others about healthy lifestyle options, knitting, crocheting, and playing flute.
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